What is CodeMontana?

Montana & Coding?

We have more high paying programming jobs in Montana than computer science graduates, check out these numbers. The software development industry provides great opportunity for Montanans. If that’s not reason enough, here are more reasons.

Why should high schoolers learn to code?

Coding is a foundational skill that can be used in many professions. Programming is creative, teaches critical reasoning, enhances problem solving, and is fun! Coding is used in many professions: research, design, user experience, entrepreneurship, and music are just a few.

MT students can start now!

Any Montana Middle or High school student (public, private, or home school) that’s a resident can sign up below. Learn at your own pace; there’s no cost for the first 90 days.

Plus, now high school juniors and seniors can earn college credit through CodeMontana! Click the box below for more information.


CodeMontana is a statewide program for Middle and High school students that teaches computer programming and can reward them with cool prizes along the way.  The goal is to prepare Montana Youth for high paying careers in technology here in Montana.

When does CodeMontana start?

CodeMontana started September 17th, 2013, but students can sign up at any time. CodeMontana will run at least through the 2015 school year.

How does the CodeMontana program work?

Simple.  Just sign up on this web site and then begin the self-paced software development curriculum online.  All you need is a computer with internet access and a web browser. There is no fee to join and as you complete the fun modules, you will learn about computers, software development and be entered to win prizes based on your progress.

Who is eligible to participate on CodeMontana?

Any Middle or High school student enrolled in a public or private school or being homeschooled and currently residing in the state of Montana.

For Parents:

  • Expose your kids to a possible college major that has lots of high paying jobs available right here in Montana and nationwide.
  • Provide your kids with critical reasoning and other foundational skills that are powerful in any profession.
  • Understanding of what computers can do is critical for all future jobs.
  • There is no cost to you for the first 90 days.

For Students:

  • Learn computer programming in a fun, self-paced way.
  • First 1,000 participants get a tee shirt.
  • Opportunity to win some cool prizes.


Today we have many more high paying computer related jobs in Montana than college graduates. In fact both Montana State University and University of Montana only produce about 14% of the Computer Science graduates that Montana high tech businesses would hire if more were available.  Plus, the starting salaries in Montana for these jobs range from $45,000 to $85,000 making them some of the best paying jobs in the state.  The current result is an underperforming economy and more of our young people leaving the state.

Our vision with CodeMontana is to give every Montana High School student exposure to software development training with the hope that more will pursue a college degree in computer science.

CodeMontana is Powered by CodeHS