What is CodeMontana?

Montana & Coding?

We have more high paying programming jobs in Montana than computer science graduates, check out these numbers. The software development industry provides great opportunity for Montanans. If that’s not reason enough, here are more reasons.

Why should high schoolers learn to code?

Coding is a foundational skill that can be used in many professions. Programming is creative, teaches critical reasoning, enhances problem solving, and is fun! Coding is used in many professions: research, design, user experience, entrepreneurship, and music are just a few.

MT students can start now!

Any Montana Middle or High school student (public, private, or home school) that’s a resident can sign up below. Learn at your own pace; there’s no cost for the first 90 days.

Plus, now high school juniors and seniors can earn college credit through CodeMontana! Click the box below for more information.




For Parents:

  • Expose your kids to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) subjects as possible career paths.
  • Help your kids learn critical reasoning and other foundational skills that are powerful in any profession.

For Students:

  • Learn about hardware and software.
  • Find areas in the technology field that interest you and could be possible career paths.

Our vision with CodeMontana is to give every Montana Student the opportunity to learn about the areas of hardware and software technology that interest them.